Just getting started with 'Love YA Like Crazy', and not sure where to start? You could start with the first episode, and work your way forward; or just dive in with the most recent episode; or just look and see if there are any books you recognize, and start with those. But, in case none of those appeals, here's a list of some of Carrie and Jake's favorite episodes.

'Awoken' by Serra Elinsen

Our first episode! The book is a satire on supernatural YA romances - a sort of version of 'Twilight' where the male lead is, instead of a vampire, the elder god Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft's stories.

Carrie grew up in Rhode Island, and Jake lives there now, so the book also provides an opportunity for some really choice rants about the book's incorrect use of the word 'wicked', and the likelihood of there being a beach party in Newport in mid-October.

'Unwind' by Neal Shusterman

Carrie and Jake are joined by their friend Kerri to talk about this YA dystopian novel, which takes place in a future where abortion is outlawed, but parents can choose to have their kids taken away and 'unwound' -- basically used for spare parts, as involuntary organ donors -- when they turn thirteen. We talk about the world-building, which parts of the book were creepiest, and whether Google Earth exists in the 'Unwind' universe.

This is by far our most downloaded episode (as of September 2016).

'The Golden Compass' by Philip Pullman

This fantasy/science fiction novel from 1995 is rightly considered a classic of YA literature, and Carrie and Jake dig pretty deep into it in this discussion, plus Jake won't stop talking about 'Hannibal' (the TV series starring Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter) for some reason.

'Shiver' by Maggie Stiefvater

This is a supernatural romance, and Carrie and Jake both cordially dislike it, and have a fun time ripping it to shreds. Bad parenting, quiche, and Scientology all make surprise appearances in the discussion, and Jake sings a song about truffles (words by Carrie).

'Anna and the French Kiss' by Stephanie Perkins

On a more positive note: This episode.

Sometimes, a book just hits you right in the sweet spot. This book is a YA romance novel set at an American private school in Paris, and Carrie and Jake both can't get enough of it. We also talk about Wiener Dog Day, which is the best day, and Carrie really sticks it to 'Lost in Translation'.

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