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Welcome to Love YA Like Crazy, a podcast in which Carrie and Jake read and discuss young adult books. Spoilers and swearing abound!

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Young Adult books

YA books generally have a target audience that is anyone from their mid teens up to their early twenties, so that's generally what we're trying to focus on. Some examples include Twilight, Unwind, and The Hunger Games (some of which we might talk about on the podcast at some point).

We may sometimes talk about a book outside of that target demographic, if we have a particular reason we want to talk about it, but, if you want to suggest something for us to read, keep those general guidelines in mind.

The 'Love YA Like Crazy' icon was designed by Shaenon K. Garrity, and our theme song is 'Hey There' by the Sentimental Favorites.

Carrie and Jake have recorded a 30 second spot to promote this podcast. If you're interested in downloading it, or checking it out, then click here!

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